Gwyneth Walker

Three Songs on Poetry of E. E. Cummings

for High Voice and Piano (2006)

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Listen to a RealAudio (G2) stream of the first movement of this work performed by Diana Guhin Wooley, soprano and Richard Steinbach, piano.
Download an an MP3 file of the first movement of this work performed by Michelle Areyzaga, soprano and Jamie Shaak, piano.

Download a PDF file of the score of this composition. This file of excerpted sample pages is for perusal only and is not printable. To hear MP3 files of the complete songs, see the above links.

Three Songs, "White Horses", "spring!", and "i carry your heart" are musical settings of poetry of E. E. Cummings.

Both White Horses and "i carry your heart" reflect the lyrical/romantic aspects of e.e. cummings's writing. The musical emphasis is on the vocal lines. In contrast, "spring!" is an enthusiastic celebration of Spring. This is an up-tempo work. Both the accompaniment and the voice are filled with interval leaps, perhaps reflective of lyrics such as:

"i'll dance and i'll sing
in the may, in the spring..."

The Three Songs are adaptations for solo voice and piano of settings for SATB chorus and piano. Available from ECS Publishing, these are "White Horses" [ECS #4548], "spring!" [ECS #5045] and "i carry your heart" [ECS #5067].

Notes by the composer

Errata in first version of published edition:

Page 4, Measure 21, the word "the" is a mistake and should not appear