Gwyneth Walker

April, Rag, and Fantasy

for Piano (1977)

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Listen to a RealAudio (G2) stream of the first and second movements ("April" and "Rag") of this work performed by Leander Bien, piano.

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"April" (written in April) has the lyrical and fresh qualities of a Spring morning. "Rag" is a spoof of a rag, combining stylistic traits of Joplin, Chopin, and others. At times, the listener may feel that there are just a few too many, or too few, beats per measure. This metrical irregularity contributes to the humorous effect. "Fantasy" has a delicate character established by the sparseness of the initial unaccompanied melody. The interior section develops in rhythmic and harmonic complexity, yet resolves into a simple final cadence.

Notes by the composer