Gwyneth Walker

Benediction: To Hold in the Light

for Piano Trio (2017)

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Download an MP3 file of this work performed by Judy Wild, violin; Margaret Gilmore, cello; and Henry Danaher, piano
Hear a YouTube recording of this work (piano trio) performed (in virtual "isolation") by Lowell Inhorn, violin; Cynthia Petzold, cello; and Kerry Morgiewicz, piano.

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Download a PDF file of the instrumental parts of this composition.

To hold in the light is a Quaker phrase -- a blessing offered in prayer. One entrusts another to God's care. We hold in the light those whom we love. And we also hold in the light those whom we do not know, yet wish to protect.

This music combines patterns of light (alternating pitches, spreading outward like beams of light) with tenderness (gentle melodies, often in the lower and warmer ranges of the strings). There is much close interaction between the instruments, as if comforting one another.

I hold in the light my fellow citizens who are in peril -- either from storms, or from divisive persecution. I hold in the light those who are brave enough to stand up for peace and equality.

Notes by the composer