Gwyneth Walker

Cheek to Cheek

for SATB Chorus and Piano (1978)

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Download an MP3 file of a performance of this work (with spoken introduction by the composer) by the Kellogg Chamber Singers at California Polytech University, Iris S. Levine, director
Listen to a RealAudio (G2) stream of a performance of this work by the Arkansas Chamber Singers, John Yarrington, conductor.

Download a PDF file of the choral score of this composition. For perusal only -- not printable.


Cheek to Cheek is described as a "nocturnal tango." The text is by Carll Tucker.

            "We are lying back to back,
            ass-symmetrical, so to speak.
            To the ticking of the dark
            we are dancing cheek to cheek."

This is a sensuous and subtle tango, with frequent changes of meter. A bit of choreography is appropriate.

Notes by the composer