Gwyneth Walker

Directions for Singing

an educational adventure for chorus and venerable instructor
for SATB chorus (2003)

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View a video presentation of a performance of this work by Choral Union of First United Methodist Church, Fort Worth, Texas.

Download a PDF file of the full choral score of this composition. This score may be printed and duplicated for the purposes of performances. However, please send a message to, notifying us of the date/location of the performance.


Commissioned by the Thetford Chamber Singers, Valerie Miller, music director, in celebration of their 25th season (1978 - 2003).

John Wesley's preface to the hymnal Sacred Melody (1761), forms the basis of Directions for Singing, a light-hearted educational adventure for Chorus and Venerable Instructor. Professor Wesley pays a visit to our local chorus. His ever-relevant instructions are taken to heart by the singers, who endeavor to follow his advice. Singing correctly, modestly and in time take some effort. However, the instruction to "sing lustily" seems to catch on quickly with the chorus.

Professor Wesley imparts his wisdom with a stern demeanor. However, once the lessons are completed and the singing abounds, he enjoys the fruits of his labor. In his own words: "Sing all, and with good courage!"

Performing resources:

Able-bodied chorus
Able-bodied conductor
Guest Artist to portray Professor John Wesley (does not need to know how to read music!)

Notes by the composer