Gwyneth Walker


for Clarinet and Piano (2017)
for Alto Saxophone and Piano (2017)

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Download an a MP3 file of the fourth movement ("Rolling River") of this work performed by Richard Schwartz, saxophone and Cheryl Pachak-Brooks, piano.

Download a PDF file of the full piano score of this composition. This score may be printed and duplicated for the purposes of performances.

Download a PDF file of the clarinet part of this composition.

Download a PDF file of the alto saxophone part of this composition.

These are short pieces composed in the spirit of joy for Clarinetist and Pianist to dialogue in music.

"Lively, with Energy" opens with a brief introduction followed by a rhythmic theme. This movement is a rondo in form, with theme alternating with side excursions.

"Quietly, Reflectively" is based on two elements: theme marked gently, and a counter-motive of descending seconds, marked mournfully, as a sigh. Although the Clarinet writing explores the full range of the instrument, special attention is given to the sonorous lower range.

The third movement, "Wanderer," truly is a "Rhythmic Song." Starting in the low range where the previous movement ended, the Clarinet pattern is more rhythmic than melodic. The rests outnumber the notes, as if hinting at travels yet to come. When the theme arrives, it ascends stepwise -- setting forth on a journey. The voyage rises into the high range, and then descends into the depths of the opening. Since rhythm is a main characteristic of this movement, the Clarinet discards pitch, and ends with vocal effects.

The "Wanderer" character of the third movement suggests a natural transition to a "Rolling River." In this case, after a flowing piano introduction, the Clarinet enters with the well-known "Shenandoah" theme. While the melody is presented true to the song, it is the piano which portrays the river in rippling arpeggios. Near to the end, the Clarinet takes over the flowing pattern. The music ends much as it began, with the river motion in the piano, and the song melody in the clarinet.

Notes by the composer