Gwyneth Walker

Fun-damentals of Music

for Woodwind Quintet with Audience Participation (2004)

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In four movements: "Rhythm", "Melody", "Harmony", "Form."

Commissioned by the Equinox Chamber Players: Paula Kasica (FL), Ann Homann (OB), Jeanine York-Garesche (CL), Carole Lemire (HN), Donita Bauer (BSN) for premiere March 4, 2005 - St. Louis, MO. This commission was made possible by the generous assistance of the Regional Arts Commission - St. Louis.

dedicated to the memory and fun-loving spirit of Patricia Stenberg (1935-2002), Principal Oboe of the Florida West Coast Symphony, member of the Florida Woodwind Quintet and Music Director of the Sarasota Pops Orchestra "Pat always wanted the audience to join in!"

Fun-damentals of Music is intended to be both educational and entertaining. The presentation will take the form of a "Music Lesson," with instruction and participation. The music is joyful. And the emphasis will be on audience involvement and enjoyment.

Each movement focuses on one basic component of music. According to the directions given by one of the members of the quintet, the audience will join the players by clapping (rhythms), humming (a melody), harmonizing (building chords) and raising hands, or perhaps standing up (!), (to identify formal sections and thematic recurrences).

This music is especially intended for school programs. However, Fun-damentals was also created with general audiences in mind. Adults have been known to enjoy singing or tapping during concerts. [!] Families might share the experience, perhaps to see which members really are musically-inclined! It is hoped that this will be a memorable "Music Lesson" for all.

Notes by the composer