Gwyneth Walker

Interval Games

for Piano Trio (2002)

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Download a PDF file of selected sample pages from the full score of this composition.

Jointly commissioned by The Bartholdy Ensemble -- Montpelier, Vermont and Trio Tulsa -- Tulsa, Oklahoma

Interval Games are short etudes, each focusing on one interval. The four movements are: "Seconds," "Thirds," "Fourths" and "THE OCTAVE!"

"Seconds" is playful in nature, with dyads scampering up and down the scale. "Thirds" is marked 'shimmering', featuring tremoli thirds in the piano. "Fourths" is a march, with a brief waltz interlude. And, "THE OCTAVE" is very important!

It is envisioned that Interval Games might be enjoyed by school groups as well as concert audiences. For educational (or entertainment) purposes, drawings of the featured intervals might be displayed during the performance of each movement.

Notes by the composer

PDF files are included below of colorful interval drawings (with associated "theme songs") which may be enlarged for creation of posters. These drawings are intended to be shown to the audience during the playing of each movement. Note that these drawings are to be used only with performances of Interval Games and not for other general educational use.

This artwork was created by Julia Pattison of Tiger Bridge Graphics, Brookfield, Vermont.