Gwyneth Walker

Twin Cities Symphony Performs Premiere

by San Dee Wallace, The Herald-Palladium
Published 2/15/83

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Read notes for Fanfare, Interlude, and Finale (1980) for orchestra

A three-part work, Fanfare, Interlude, and Finale written by Conneticut composer Gwyneth Walker, was enthusiastically received Sunday afternoon when the Twin Cities Symphony gave the work its world premiere.

Under the direction of Robert Vodnoy, music director, the orchestra performed the work with verve, smoothly conveying the interaction particularly of the strings and horns in the vivid "Fanfare." "Fanfare" was commissioned in 1978 by the Washington Festival Orchestra for its inaugural concert.

The "Interlude" actively creates the sensation of an interlude, a period of waiting, before the next movement. Enhanced by horns and plucked strings, there is an element of surprise in the beat of bongo drums, and yet, there are passages exceptionally sweet for violins.

Beginning with a timpani roll, the "Finale" was unusual with an appealing percussive touch and energetic rhythms.

The three parts as an entity comprise the work given its world premiere Sunday. Vodnoy brought Miss Walker to the front of the auditorium following the performance and the audience expressed its admiration for her work.

Miss Walker writes in the traditional form, but with enough of a modern touch to make her music vivid and appealing. Her ability to capture musical moods is magnificent.