Gwyneth Walker

Signs of Life

for Flute and Piano (2007)

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Signs of Life is a celebratory suite for flute and piano in three movements. Each movement bears a title and subtitle: "Imagination (a bird in flight)", "Gratitude (a prayer)", and "The Fullness of Life (a celebration)."

"Imagination" begins with a passage marked "with a spark of excitement." The flute and piano increase in energy towards the main body of the movement -- a vibrant dialogue -- before winding down to a peaceful conclusion.

"Gratitude" opens freely before settling into a gentle, flowing motion. A brief flute cadenza leads to a return of the original material in new rhythmic forms.

"The Fullness of Life" begins energetically and settles into a spirited, lyrical excursion, building to a celebratory ending.

Notes by Carson Cooman