Gwyneth Walker

The Apple Cart

for Woodwind Quintet (2023)

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Download a PDF file of the full score of this composition. Instrumental parts are available upon request.

(Photograph of the Harmonia V woodwind quintet premiering this work in the Bristow Bird Sanctuary and Wildwood Preserve, New Canaan, Connecticut. Photo by Connor Markey)

A photo of Harmonia V The Apple Cart and other Sights and Sounds in the Park is a suite of three portraits of Mead Park in New Canaan, CT. The park has been a beloved visiting place for the composer throughout her life.

"The Apple Cart" is a little family-oriented café frequented by park-goers of all ages. This is a joyful location, as expressed by the swing-rhythm themes.

"Things that Bounce" is inspired by the variety of ball games played in the park - from High School Baseball to Little League Baseball to Pickleball to Tennis (the composer is an avid tennis player). The "bouncy" theme, first introduced by the Oboe, bounces down the scale, as a ball might drop to the ground. The ending phrase is extended to allow for a longer bounce!

Mead Park will always be home to the composer. The "pure" key of C Major sets the tone for simplicity. No modulation (of keys). No changes. Forever Home.

Notes by the composer