Gwyneth Walker

The Green Mountains

for Cello (2010)

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The open countryside of a rural New England landscape presents imagery and feelings perhaps well-suited to musical expression by a solo cello. Qualities of solitude and introspection are shared elements. The wide range of the cello captures the breadth of panorama. And, most importantly, there is a beautiful quality of peacefulness associated with solo cello music - the peace of an uncluttered environment.

The Land unfolds slowly as a simple melody. This music is inspired by sparseness and openness.

The Life may refer to the spark of existence (the birth of life), or creatures (wildlife) or gathering energy (coming to life). All of these ingredients intermingle.

The Spirit is a hymn which speaks of the spiritual presence felt in the quiet fields and forests. The melody is introduced peacefully, then with increasing energy, and finally, triumphantly, rising to heaven.

Mountain Music is rough-hewn. Bowings are mostly tremoli or vigorous back-and-forth motions. Perhaps the composer, cellist and audience are in the woods during this music, tapping, sawing and dancing!

The four movements of this suite are a tribute to the composer's home state of Vermont, the Green Mountain State.

Notes by the composer