Gwyneth Walker


for Flute, Oboe, and Clarinet (2005)
for Flute and Two Clarinets (2005)

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Threesome is a three-movement work for woodwind trio. It may be performed either with flute, oboe, and clarinet, or with flute and two clarinets. It is a work of light and effervescent spirit -- befitting the color of the wind instruments and the transparent three-part textures.

"Lightly" establishes a energetic rhythmic drive. The basic melodic material is passed around between the different instruments.

"Serenly" is a movement in triple-meter, exploring a variety of moods. A opening of sustained chords (in dotted half-notes) leads to the presentation of the main melody, decorated with gentle rhythmic pulsing. The energy level of the work continues to increase as the surface rhythm increases. The opening's serene mood returns for the final chords.

"With a Bite!", as the title implies, is a fast and playfully aggressive movement. In the final section, footstomps are interjected into the texture for extra energy!

Notes by Carson Cooman