Gwyneth Walker

Brothers in Peace

for SATB/SATB Chorus, Narrator, and Piano (2019)
for SATB/SATB Chorus, Narrator, and String Quartet (or String Quintet/String Orchestra) (2019)

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Download a PDF file of the full score of this composition. Parts available upon request.

Commissioned by the Toledo Choral Society, Richard Napierala, Music Director

In 1914, at the start of World War I, British and German troops faced off against each other from their rows of trenches in Flanders. Often they were within sight and sound of one another.

Christmas Eve approached -- a time of celebration and reverence for all of the soldiers. The men spontaneously joined in sharing blessings of peace, calling out to one another over the battlefield. The carol Silent Night could be heard sung in English and in German.

Gaining courage, some of the soldiers climbed out of their trenches and greeted one another, exchanging gifts. An impromptu game of soccer was played. For this brief time, sustained by faith, the soldiers became Brothers in Peace.

Notes by the composer