Gwyneth Walker

Drawing Closer

for Flute, Clarinet, and Cello (2016)

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The three players, as chamber musicians, sit close to one another. [There is no piano to add space to the performance interaction.] It is this closeness which is the prevailing image in this music.

Perhaps the players are offering solace to each other during a time of sorrow. In this case, the notes draw closer. Intervals of seconds offer the comfort of proximity. Often the texture is one of theme (in flute) with accompanying patterns rising to be close to the upper voice. At the end, the winds take shelter within the cello's protective open fifths.

"Rendezvous" is a joyful movement. The winds play as a pair, often bouncing against one another's pitches in seconds and thirds. They enjoy their close encounters, ascending the final scale in parallel seconds.

The cello provides a brief connecting passage into a tango pattern which is the character of "A Little Rhythm." Both flute and cello take their turn with the theme, and then join together for a refrain, harmonizing in thirds. There is much group playing in this movement, as all join together with rhythmic motives. In fact, rhythms are so featured and enjoyed, that pitches are discarded altogether at times!

The music ends with players drawn together in semitones.

Notes by the composer