Gwyneth Walker

Songs of Home

for SATB Chorus and Piano (2019)
(Version for chamber orchestra will be available in 2020.)

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Dedicated to Habitat for Humanity and the many volunteers who give so generously of their time to providing homes for their neighbors in need

Songs of Home is a set of four choral songs with texts on topics of home. The expressions range from reverent ("A Home Song" and "A House of Love and Light") to a working song ("Take this Hammer") to a celebratory spiritual in swing rhythm ("I'm Buildin' Me a Home").

Home is considered a place where the soul breathes free, where the heart is at rest, where the peace of the Lord shall enter. And for the builders, home is a place of hammers, saws and drills. [!]

Home is both physical and spiritual. This earthly house gonna soon decay. My soul's gotta have somewhere to stay.

Home is both a goal (a place to live) and a beginning (a place of welcome, an opening of the heart). There are many causes for gratitude and celebration. Perhaps these Songs of Home might serve to acknowledge the valuable work of Habitat for Humanity.

Notes by the composer